Statement on Inaccurate Reports
of Application Rejection

August 5, 2014

Conversations today between representatives of Helis oil & Gas and the Corps of Engineers confirm that reports regarding the alleged rejection of the Helis application to drill in rural St. Tammany Parish are wholly inaccurate.  Specifically, the Corps has not declared this application "invalid".  

In point of fact the Corps has not made a decision of any kind on the pending application. What the Corps has done, based on the recommendation of the State Geologist, is ask Helis to submit a revised application with a revised well pad size.  This is a change that Helis can readily accommodate.

Helis has also been asked to limit its initial application to drilling a vertical well only, pending evaluation of the results before moving forward with a horizontal well and hydraulic fracturing.

While this revision will require a second permitting process, conducting the operation in this way is exactly in accord with the process Helis committed to parish officials in late May and presents no obstacle to successful completion of the well.

We understand and appreciate the agencies' intention to be precise and cautious with the permitting process as Helis always conducts its operations in the same meticulous manner.