Helis Oil & Gas is a privately owned oil and gas exploration and production company.  William Helis Sr., a Greek immigrant, began his career during the oil boom of the Pennsylvania oilfields in the early 20th century, following oil plays across the country before establishing his oil and gas business in New Orleans in 1934.

Helis Oil & Gas has owned and operated wells throughout the nation, including properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.  The company has had extensive operations on private, federal and state lands, as well as in federal offshore waters and inland state waters in Louisiana.  Helis Oil & Gas has drilled in sensitive environments, such as wildlife preserves, always with the highest regard for its surroundings.  Helis Oil & Gas regards itself as a respectful guest in the communities in which we work and has historically been committed to contributing to these communities through philanthropic and civic endeavors.  

In addition to the headquarters in New Orleans, Helis Oil & Gas maintains offices in Lafayette, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; Billings, Montana; and Casper, Wyoming.

In recent years, the company has drilled and hydraulically fractured approximately 60 horizontal wells in Wyoming and North Dakota.  Each of these wells were drilled vertically to depths of 12,000 – 13,000 feet and then drilled horizontally to 9,000 feet.  Using the most modern technology available, these operations were conducted without any adverse consequences to the environment and maintained strict compliance with regulatory requirements.  

Helis maintains the highest industry standards for health, safety and the environment.  Well in advance of the federal mandates for offshore operations, the company voluntarily implemented the now mandatory Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS).  Subsequently, we have also expanded SEMS to our onshore and inland bay operations.  Full-time safety inspectors are employed on drilling and completion operations, while every employee and contractor on Helis locations are properly trained and given full safety briefings.  At any point, every employee and contractor on a Helis site is authorized to stop work on any operation if he/she deems it unsafe.

Federal offshore regulators have nominated Helis Oil & Gas for the National “SAFE” Award for its safety and environmental performance record.  The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality commended our work in remediating and restoring Stone Island from damage due to a pit installed by a prior operator, recognizing Helis "went above and beyond" in our efforts. Additionally, the Coast Guard commended us for our operations for pollution and environmental protection.  Helis also has received numerous annual safety awards form the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation.

Helis Oil & Gas is proud to have called Louisiana home for 80 years and believes in giving back to our community.  The Helis Foundation is a significant philanthropic benefactor in New Orleans, providing support to a broad range of charitable and civic organizations including the United Way, the World War II Museum, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, as well as a number of museums, schools, hospitals, homeless shelters and conservation/preservation organizations.  Helis believes in being an integral part of the fabric of the local communities in which we work.