Thank you for your interest in our St. Tammany Parish exploratory well project.

We know this project holds a special interest for a large number of people, and we have created this website as a fact-based resource to answer any questions or concerns you might have about our company and this important energy project.

I want to assure you, as I have everyone with whom we’ve met over the past several weeks, that all of us at Helis Oil & Gas understand that, as we conduct our work, we will be guests in your community. We understand, that with that role, come certain critically important obligations to protect the ground water and air, as well as the quality of life for the people of St. Tammany. 

For over 80 years we have safely drilled and operated hundreds of wells around the United States, and currently operate over 100 wells in Louisiana, and we are confident that we will extend that record of safe performance in St. Tammany Parish as well.

A number of our own employees, and thousands of people who work for other energy companies, live in St. Tammany and all of us are fully aware of the special qualities that make the parish a great place to live, work and recreate.

Our pledge to you is that we will take our obligations seriously and that we will perform with environmental excellence and an acute sensitivity to the community each and every day.


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David A. Kerstein, President, Helis Oil & Gas


Energy independence in America starts here at home. Click here to get the facts about hydraulic fracturing. 

About Helis Oil & Gas

Helis Oil & Gas has called Louisiana home since our founding in 1934.  Our environmental, health and safety record is a source of pride. (It's one reason you may not have heard of us before.)

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St. Tammany Parish Project

Helis Oil & Gas has safely executed 60 similar fracturing projects throughout the United States and we pledge to continue to safeguard the land we all call home, as well as the water we all rely upon.

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